People I’ve Worked With

Jennylyn Mercado for F/X

Blush girls (International Girl Group from Hong Kong)

Delamar Arias of RX 93.1 for Smart Parenting

Boots Anson-Roa for a feminine wash advertisement.

Sheryl Cruz for Good Housekeeping Philippines

Matteo Guidicelli for Penshoppe Advertorial

Ejay Falcon for Star Studio Awards

Direk Albert Martinez and Jennylyn Mercado for the Hong Kong premiere night of MVP's "Rosario"

Angel Locsin for The Buzz

Julia Clarete for Men's Health Philippines

Luis Alandy for Men's Health Philippines

Luke Landrigan

Ramon Bautista for Women's Health Philippines

With Vanessa Matsunaga for Sinfully Circles, Makati Shangri-La

Isabel Granada for Good Housekeeping Philippines

MVP!!! ("Rosario" Premiere Night, Hong Kong)

Tintin Bersola (I guested on her morning show, Kumare Klub)

Alodia Gosiengfiao for Jay Tablante's Cosplay Shoot (Green Lantern)

Karylle Tatlonghari for Women's Health Philippines

Lou Sison for Good Housekeeping Philippines

Luke Landrigan for Rogue


I meet a lot of interesting and amazing people everyday! Can’t NOT have a photo taken with them! :)


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